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  O Courel      

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O Courel

O Courel is the main green reserve of Galicia. Nearly all the species, except coastal ones, are represented. In addition to the geographic and climatic crossroads between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, another characteristic is the inaccessibility of this mountainous area, certainly one of the keys to the survival of autochtonous forests.

A typical forest formation in O Courel is the devesa, the name given to forests consisting of oak, beech, yew, birch and holly groves, generally located at the source of the rivers. The most famous one is the Devesa da Rogueira, thanks to the large amount of species, its large surface and numerous water points and springs.


A Ferrería

Picturesque mountain village with little alleys and its houses situated on the rocks with balconies built over precipices challenging gravity. A spa hotel with ferrous waters can also be found.


A typical village surrounded by chestnut trees which are hundreds of years old. The whole village seems like a balcony over the mountain chain of O Courel. Its particular architecture is characterized by little labyrinthine alleys paved with "chapacuña", and its restored houses show beautiful wooden balconies.

Castro da Torre

Also known as Sobredo. The castro has a square, oval and rectangular ground plan and is still in a good condition. One can enjoy various spectacular views from this Iron-aged settlement.

Moreda – Devesa da Rogueira

At Moreda exists a didactic nature museum. From this point one can take the hiking path leading through the Devesa da Rogueira. As we move forward through this beautiful landscape we can appreciate its large variety of plants and autochtonous trees. Important to mention are also the caves and springs, e.g. A Fonte do Cervo.

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