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Ancient crafts & popular knowlege workshops

Willow basket making

The tools of the basket maker and the varieties of willow. In this workshop we look at practical basket making techniques and also the fabrication of a round shaped willow basket. With a little patience you will leave with your own self-made basket.


Natural dying

Methods (wool preparation, mordants and preparing the dye), the dyeing plants and their colours. With a little bit of alchemy, patience and care you will be able to take home a sample book with multi-colour skeins.

Tinte Vegetal

Gastronomy of wild plants

Learn about recognizing and using eatable wild plants for original dishes. We will walk through the woods and fields in order gather the ingredients necessary to prepare delicious plates which we will enjoy together.

Medicinal plants and plants for domestic use

Identify the medicinal plants and learn how to harvest and dry them; recepies and preparations (tinctures, lotions, herbal teas ...). You will see that there is no need for a huge garden to practice this hobby, a few walks in the countryside and some flowerpots on the balcony are enough to complete your home medicine cabinet.

Growing vegetables organically

The vegetables and their needs. Compost, mulching and green manure. Neighbourhood associations and companion plants. The conservation of vegetables. A little bit of theory and a lot of practice. It is not that difficult to forget about the chemical products and even the smallest garden is suitable for growing your vegetables organically.

Upcoming projects

- Spinning wool and flax with spindle and wheel

- Felt making

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