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Cañon sil

View-points (can be combined with the historical routes)

• View-point of Vilouxe (Historical routes 1 and 2)

The view-point of Vilouxe is located at Picouto on the road from Alberguería to Parada do Sil, nearby the village of Vilouxe. Here you one can enjoy a spectacular view of the Canyon of the river Sil.

• View-point "The Balconies of Madrid" (Historical route 1)

The "Balconies of Madrid" are situated at Torgas/Parada do Sil and offer a view of the Sil meandering through mountains showing exhuberant vegetation from a considerable height.

View-point of Cristosende (Historical route 1)

This natural view-point is located on the road from Parada do Sil to A Teixeira. You can enjoy a view of the river Sil with the vineyards prevailing which were built on terraces on both sides and the village of Barxacoba.

View-point of Xirás (Historical route 1)

From the village of Xirás on the road which connects A Teixeira to Valilongo you can see the village of Cristosende surrounded by a ring of various colours: the chestnut trees, vineyards and the river Sil.


View-point of A Teixeira (Historical route 1)

Situated at two km of A Teixeira at the village of Lumeares, this viewpoint is looks out to the valley of Abeleda and the remains of the monastery of San Paio.

View-point of Santigueiro (Historical route 2)

On the moutain road which connects Xunqueira de Espadañedo with Santigueiro, Couto and Coutiño you will enjoy a spectacular overall view of the Canyon of the river Sil.

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