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Rutas del Románico en la Ribeira Sacra. PDIs para GPS.

It was never easier to get lost in the Ribeira Sacra

In the Ribeira Sacra area there are many magical places: churches, monasteries, stone crosses, viewpoints, trails, castles and fortifications. Many of them are in places so remote that it is not always easy to find them. Therefore, at A Casa da Eira, we have worked out a geolocation system under the name "Lost in the Ribeira Sacra."

To always reach your destination in the Ribeira Sacra and only get lost with an eye on the horizon, lost in the past in a remote village, lost in the thousand and one details of its Romanesque art, in one word get completely lost in any sense except on the road. This is the idea behind "Lost in the Ribeira Sacra" by A Casa da Eira.

And how does it work? We travelled around the Ribeira Sacra to take the geographic coordinates of the best places. We transferred them to a Google Map for which, we give you the link at the bottom of the page.

How much does it cost? We dedided to share the maps with any traveler, however we would love you to stay at our accommodation during your trip around the Ribeira Sacra:   online reservations.

Join our photo group on  Flickr and upload your snapshots to share with your friends and all lovers of Romanesque art.


Map Ribeira Sacra Ourense Map Ribeira Sacra Lugo



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